Thank you for your interest in scheduling a brand compliant headshot. With the abundance of requests our photographer receives daily, we try to accommodate as many headshots as we can, while also allowing time for other hospital photography priorities. Please review below before scheduling your headshot:


  • Your respective program or department has a team page on
  • You have a physician, research or clinical staff profile on
  • If you have not received a new headshot in  3 or more years
  • For BCH affiliation only

Headshots are available for the following staff:

  • Fellows
  • Doctors
  • Nurses
  • Program Coordinators (clinic only)
  • Researcher faculty with (external) profiles
  • Executive leadership
  • Clinic Supervisors

This headshot does not replace the image on your badge or images on Web2/Intranet.

There are exceptions to these guidelines. If you have any questions concerning headshots, or eligibility please contact For group or team shots please email

If you’ve received your headshot and would like it to be featured on your profile please submit a profile update request or remedy ticket.

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