What is online reputation?

Online reputation is one of the many drivers for social conversation. Without a visible reputation online, no one will talk about you. Without an accurate reputation, inaccurate things will be said about you.

Online reputation management (ORM) is the backbone to what builds search engine results. It combines organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO), keywords and Search Engine Reputation Management (SERM) to help influence what or how a healthcare consumer searches.

If different healthcare directories display conflicting information about a physician, such as specialties and contact, this may deter a consumer from committing with that physician.

Why is my profile created without my permission?

These aggregator platform profiles (Healthgrades, Vitals, Caredash, RateMDs, etc.) are all auto generated and populated. They pull information from public forums and other directories and create these profiles with your information – correct or not.

What are the top reputation websites?

Specific to healthcare, we work closely with Healthgrades. As one of the top 5-star ratings and reviews websites that often show up in the first few pages of search-engine results, we are able to claim, verify, and update these profiles using our BCH staff profiles as a center of truth.

If your BCH staff profile contains incorrect information, so will these websites. Click here to update your profile!

We also help maintain our BCH listings on Google. Maintaining online reputation reflects on GPS and mapping applications and platforms, such as Apple Maps and Google Maps. Correct information and data about your personal and professional brand online will result in better search results, increased consumer traffic and improved conversation among patients, families, and consumers.

Online Reputation Management at Boston Children's Hospital