Digital Content Training is a self-serve online training course for editing the Boston Children’s Hospital external website,  This Training consists of 2 modules, Standard Editor and Premium Editor Training.  Both courses must be completed to be granted access to the Content Management System (CMS).

To enroll in the courses below, please visit our enrollment page. If you have already received a username and password for these courses, please enter them on the next page when prompted.
This will differ from your other usernames and passwords.

Standard Editor Training

  • access to make edits to your content
  • linking to additional content
  • add headings
  • optimize for search engines
  • publishing workflow

Premium Editor Training

  • make edits to your content
  • insert pages
  • insert and modification of images
  • insert PDFs
  • Linking
  • add headings
  • optimize for search engines
  • publishing workflow

If you would prefer an in person training, please contact  For any additional web content tickets, submit a remedy ticket.

To submit a remedy ticket:
1. Open your Web browser while in our network or on the VPN.
2. Copy & paste this link in the URL field:
3. Enter your BCH email username (ID number) and your BCH email password . Click “Login”.
4. On the Remedy Home page, click Remedy Requester. The Support Console page opens.
5. Select ‘Create Request’ from the Quick Links section on the far left

Helpful hints:

  • Please fill in the Summary+ field box with: Attn: Digital Marketing or For Digital Marketing. This verifies the group to which the tickets are assigned.
  • Use the Description form field to enter a detailed description of the request or concern, as you would in a regular email.