Accessing Rich Text Editor

  1. Expand the experience ribbon (the arrow in the upper right-hand corner below your name — this is a toolbar provided by SiteCore to enable you to interact with and edit your page)
  2. Select “home” from the tabs on the far left-hand side of the experience ribbon; it may be selected already)
  3. Select “edit” (preview will default as the selection)
    • Note: By selecting “edit” you are locking the page from other users. When you have locked a page, no other user has access to modify the content on that page. You can see what pages you have locked at any time by selecting “My Items” within the Home tab. You should be checking what items you have locked and unlocking regularly.
  4. Navigate your page as you normally would in your browser.
  5. Hover over body content and select the pencil to edit in Rich Text Editor.
  6. Select the section of text you wish to edit.
  7. Select Save.

The video listed below illustrates the steps provided, watch and continue